Frequent queries

How much is the entry fee?

the entry fee is 2500 CZK per person.

Can couples visit Sauna club as well?

Yes, couples are welcome in the club.

What does the entry fee include?

It includes soft drinks, food, saunas and XXL whirlpool.

How can I manage the free transport by limousine?

For the limousine, call this phone number: +420 704 440 440. It's available from 8pm on Monday-Friday and from 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday.

How much massages cost?

The price starts at 300 CZK. Every sunday from 20:00 until 03:00 and every Monday - Wednesday from 17:00 until 03:00 free foot massage.

What time do you open?

It's open from 12 noon everyday.

How much drinks cost?

Check the drinks menu out here.

Can I leave and come back the same day?

Yes, you can. At the reception you only will be charged 100 CZK for a new towel.

Do I need a reservation?

No, you don't need a reservation. You can come some freely anytime.

When are the happy hours?

Happy hours are from Monday to Friday from 12 noon to 3pm.

Can I pay with debit/credit card?

Unfortunately not. Though ATM is available in the Sauna Club. You can withdraw your cash right there in the club

I'm having a stag party, what can you offer?

For stag parties contact us via email and we will plan a package just for you. Stag package just for you. Stag packages need to be plan in advance and paid via bank transfer in advance as well.

Can I pay in euro?

Yes, you can pay in euro, also in dollars and pounds.